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SUPER HUMIC-LHumic acids are complex organic molecules that are formed by break down of oragnic matter. This enhances the beneficial effect of micro-organisms. Humic acids are reported to increase permeability of plant membranes, resulting in higher metabolic activity due to increased nutrients availability & enzyme activity . Humic acids are essential for optimum plant growth. Humic acids build up organic matter ;which is required for microbial growth. It stimulates the respiration rates of seeding which leads to quicker germination. It influences enzyme system. The uptake and translocation of micro & macro elements as well as Amino acid ; auxin and organic phosphourus is improved by the presence of humus i.e. Humic acid in the soil. It also protects plants from chlorosis; enhance phtosynthesis, increases vegetative growth which results in higher yields & healthier crops.


  • Humic Acid content : 15%
  • Fulvic Acid : 2%
  • Humates : 15%
  • Pot. EDTA : 2-3%
  • Amino Acid : 2-3%
  • Organic micro nutrients : 1000 PPM each ( Cu/Mn/ Mg/Fe/Zn/Ca)
  • PH : 1%SOLN. -11+.5
  • Sp .gt : 1.05 to 1.06.


  • For Foliar spray – 3 to 4 ml/lit of during high growth & reproductive stages of plant .
  • For Drip & Sprinkler irrigation – 1 lit for acre in sufficient quantum of water .
  • For Drenching – 1to 2ml per lit water & drench at roots specially at intitial growth stage of crop.
  • For Seed treatment – 5 to 10 ml per kg of seeds in sufficient quantum of water.